Sunday, February 28, 2010

Compiz Fusion – how to make inactive windows transparent

I’ve search for this on Google because i couldn’t find it myself. First of all, you’ll need compizconfig-settings-manager so you should apt-get install this first.
After this, go check the Effects > Trailfocus and then click the Appearance tab. You’ll see there:

- Opacity level of focused windows – normally left at 100
- Opacity level of unfocused windows – set this to whatever you want (this is the opacity of inactive windows)

BTW, i’m on Ubuntu 9.10 over here…

[update]: Well, it seems Compiz is running smoothly on my EeePC 1008HA with enough settings enabled, including that one from above…including the Water effect thing, which is actually …damn…filling out my desktop..and couldn’t see what i was writing) I know, i act like a 2 years old kid. But it looks veeery veeeery nice. Practicly, you don’t need a screen saver. If you don’t want anyone seeing what you have on your desktop, just run the water effect thing, and that’s all..

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  1. Or you can go to the "Translucency" plugin that comes by default in 12.04, and adjust "inactive windows" in its settings.