Saturday, February 27, 2010

Digsby messenger + Twitter

So, this post will be about 2 things I discovered today. One of them is a free messenger for many IM networks ..something like Miranda, Trillian, GAIM.. But, looks very nice, has many functionalities, and most IM features works in this multimessenger called Digsby. I checked file transfer and video & audio conference on YM network – works great! After this, i discovered some conectivity with few social networking websites, like ..facebook, myspace, …and twitter. I already knew what facebook is …what myspace is…what linkedin is..but i didn’t know about twitter.
In twitter you connect to people you already find there, meaning you’re following them – getting updates of what they write and shit. And other people can follow you, called themselves “followers”, and they get every update of the people they follow, including yourself. I already found someone who had an account on twitter, so now i’m following him) And, i can get updates in my Digsby messenger, i can write new tweet directly from the interface, i can write e-mails to people from my contact list using Digsby. I don’t know…i’m just amazed of this messenger, and the idea of twitter, so now i’m their no.1 fan.

[update]: I'm just waiting for their linux version now..

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