Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dlink and RPM Sports (but no connection between them)

So, i have to really blog about this, and in a good way, for they put a smile on my face, and made me trust them once more.

Let’s start with RPM Sports. For those who don’t know what i’m talking about, they’re the producers of the powerball i have. If you still don’t know what i’m talking about, visit their webpage. Akis rulez!!! Anyway…my powerball is a neon pro, and has some LEDs that lighten up with the more rotations the powerball has, and has a digital counter. I had a problem with the counter, just stopped working. And a co-worker thought he’d try start the powerball on the floor, which kinda fucked it. Anyway, i wrote to the powerball producers about my counter and about what happened to my powerball, and they instantly decided they should send me the spare parts for me to change: the counter, the bottom shell, and the top shell. So this guy i talked for by e-mail..let’s say ..10 e-mails most, told me he’s gonna send those for free. Although when i bought this powerball in Romania they told me i have 6 months guarantee, RPM Sports tell everybody it’s lifetime. And i didn’t believe him till today. When my mom called me that i have waiting for me at the postal office. And he kept his word. He sent me everything i needed to make my powerball spin smoothly again. And that’s what i did today, replacing parts and test it. Kinda works better than it worked when i first bought it. Thanks Philip.

D-Link. As some of my friends know, i have a DIR-635 wireless-N router in my place giving me internet connection to everything wireless: my laptop, gf’s laptop, my cell phone. Today, while my internet connection was down, i discovered the firmware update page of the router. And after a quick internet check (the internet came back), i discovered a new firmware update and successfully applied it to my router. After that, a new menu item appeared – USB Settings. When i bought this, i thought the usb port was for storage or something, but after reading the manual, i realized that its purpose was waaay different. Well, after applying this firmware update, i discovered some new functionalities to my USB port on the router. So now, i can access a storage system attached to the router on that USB, using a D-Link software called SharePort. So, SharePort detects what the router has connected to its USB port and asks me if i wanna connect to it. After agreeing with that, it automatically appears in Computer window on my Vista. The only bad part is that it only supports 1 user connected to the USB at a time. Hopefully, they’ll fix that very soon.

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