Sunday, February 28, 2010

FreeBSD (I)

How to update installed ports:
# portsnap fetch
# portsnap extract update
How to install and switch default shell to bash:
# cd /usr/ports/shell/bash
# make install clean
(and prepare yourself for a looong waiting…because it’s installing a lot of dependencies)
chsh –s /usr/local/bin/bash
So now, you’ll have filename, path and command autocompletion.
You can install Midnight Commander like this:
# cd /usr/ports/misc/mc
# make install clean
…and of course, wait…
After that, you can have VI iMproved installed like this:
# cd /usr/ports/editors/vim
# make install clean
If you don’t like default “top”, you can install “htop” by doing this:
# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/htop
# make install clean
I also installed “lsof”, because it was in the handbook they have on the website, so  you can find it in “/usr/ports/sysutils/lsof”.
Another few network settings, and i’m done for today. So, if you need static IP for your internet card you can set it up in “/etc/rc.conf” like this:
ifconfig_le0="inet netmask"
If you need to configure a gateway, you can add this to the same “rc.conf”:
And for domain resolution, i had to manually create a file called “/etc/resolv.conf” and add my
wireless router to the file like this:
That’s all for today.

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