Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unfortunately, they let me down. First, they restricted access to upload page of their website, now i can’t install blooploader on my newly install vista, and i can’t even use the website upload flash utility… Too bad, i thought i searched enough…
Well now…searching again, for some online storage…

[update]: i gave it another shot to mybloop. Windows client doesn’t install right because it can’t download some zip file from they website, and the linux version of the client keeps crashing like a motherfucker…i’ve had it with this website and their tool..Maybe they’ll hire some good programmers sometime soon and i will try them again. For now, they suck..

[update #2]: is down, mainly because they couldn't make money out of it. Too bad, they had this romanian guy in their team, i hoped they'd do a really great job out of it.

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