Saturday, February 27, 2010

online file hosting

So, 2 days ago i was getting my external hdd almost full, and i started looking for online storage that can fulfill my needs. Well, i needed something that can be easy to administer, large storage, no bandwidth limitations, and a desktop client/protocol to manage downloads/uploads. So i started trying everything out there. Bad part is that i’m going to enjoy a lot of spam to my only gmail account that didn’t had any..till today. Anyway, after trying few solutions that were highly recommended on some reviews websites, i got over . So, what they offer?..well, about exactly the same with my needs. They offer unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and they offer a tool called “blooploader” for people to manage files they own over there. Good part is that the client is cross platform, has windows, mac and linux version, and the best part is that all this is completely free.
Some weeks ago i was looking for a bigger external drive, ..somewhere around 2TB, …but now, i’m just testing my internet speed, to see how much time it will take me to upload everything to mybloop)
I tried testing the client at home today, because i had some problems with it at work on both linux and windows platforms. And, i saw they don’t have the download link anymore for their client, because they  said people have problems connecting. So, now i understand it wasn’t my secured bank connection that stopped me from using blooploader, it was their servers.
Hopefully, they’ll solve this issue very soon, and of course, they’ll get ready for massive uploads from me..

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