Saturday, February 27, 2010

Windows Live Essentials

So, yesterday i just reinstalled windows vista x64 ultimate on my laptop, after unsuccessfully trying to get a linux desktop on it. I fucking tried every fucking driver for my ATI Radeon Mobility HD3470, but none of them worked. So, back to windows.
I wanted to have my hotmail accounts directly into a mail client software. So, after being sick of Mozilla’s webmail software that suddenly didn’t work ..that was before i formatted everything..i tried using vista’s Windows Mail. Well, that was unsuccessful as well. But, nice thing, they recommended me to install Windows Live Mail. And i did, and beside that, some other Windows Live software, Windows Live Writer.
So, Windows Live Mail eventually worked with my hotmail accounts, so now i have almost all accounts in one place – the one it’s missing is yahoo…and i am not going to pay to them very soon just to read my e-mail, and the new software i discovered was this Windows Live Writer. Despite all microsoft shit i have been using for years now, well, this one i like, mostly because it’s not only supporting blogging to microsoft blogging platform ..spaces, but also has support for different platforms like wordpress, blogger..and so on.
Well, this is my first post from this nice microsoft software, but if i don’t have problem with it, there’s more to come..
[update]: it also recognizes wordpress categories…nice job!

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