Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Google acquired Picnik

I didn't hear about Picnik until Google acquired it. Picnik is (or was) a website that let you edit photos, add effects, and all that crap in a browser, with no client installed on your computer, like Picasa. Picnik let you do all this stuff online. Well, soon it will be available on Picasa Web I guess, Google's online web albums. BTW, GMX just upgraded their document storage to 2GB, wherer you can upload almost anything. When is Google going to upgrade Picasa Web to a greater storage than currently 1GB? Because trust me, for people using Picasa Web, 1GB is not enough. Of course, there's an option of paying for storage, but why pay if there are enough free storage providers? I currently use Asus Web Storage and their Windows client on my desktop, and Dropbox on my Ubuntu EEE PC, that's because it's fully compatible with Gnome's Nautilus. Maybe Google should do something like that?!

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