Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GMail storage increase rate

Since I don't have anything more important to do, I was just noticing the counter on the GMail welcome page, and it's actually increasing with 4 bytes per second. Actually, there are more sick guys then me out there. This dude actually calculated the time necessary to increase the storage from current to 10GB...and the result was...20 years! ..and the increase rate per day is something around 350KB. For me I think it's quite enough, because although I'm using GMail for many many years, and for some time now, I'm gathering all my e-mails to this account, I'm only using aprox. 1GB of storage. Mainly because I only keep important e-mails, and delete all the crap / spam / newsletters that I'm not interested in reading 1 year from now.

But what happens to girls that spend most of their time in front of their computers watching pics and movies from e-mails sent from another bunch of girls with nothing to do than just forward them around? Maybe it will take Google 20 years to get to 10GB storage, ...but it will take me a hell lot more to fill that. Anyway, I know girls that can fill up that 10GB in 1 year. And that including those 20 days of legal vacation around here. :)

So, ..I was just checking now how Windows Live is coming with the storage. Yahoo is unlimited, although I guess that if you're planning to store a 1TB e-mail storage, and make sure you grow it by the end of this year, Yahoo will suddenly enable e-mail quota again... :) But, Microsoft says "Windows Live Hotmail includes ever-growing storage to provide you with as much storage space as you need, provided that you send and receive a normal amount of e-mail. Your inbox capacity will automatically increase as you need more space." So, I guess that Microsoft somehow automagically (I know, it's incorrect, ...but I just learned that from CPanel's funny status messages) increases your quota depending on how much storage you're using. And now I was thinking that I'll never loose an e-mail with this policy. Quota gets to max, Microsoft increases quota, e-mail arrives. WRONG! Microsoft also says "If your inbox surprises us by suddenly and abnormally skyrocketing in size, you may get an e-mail from Windows Live Hotmail asking you to slow down, move e-mails from Windows Live Hotmail to your desktop, or to delete some old e-mails. Please read these e-mails and follow the advice provided in them to continue to enjoy ever-growing storage, which should be plenty of storage for you so that you don't have to worry about running out of space." So, there's no number in "ever-growing storage" ...and how is that "ask you to slow down"?..Like, you're responsible for e-mails you receive, and you should tell people that sends you e-mails to slow the fuck down. Funny, indeed. There should be a trick in Yahoo's infinite storage, but I'll have to dig more on their website.

[update]: This is what's on Yahoo about their unlimited storage:

How does unlimited storage work?
It’s pretty straightforward—users who follow the Yahoo! Terms of Service and our anti-abuse controls can consume an unlimited amount of free email storage. This will apply to both new and existing users.
Wait – what? Wow!
How can Yahoo! afford to give away unlimited email storage?
By hiring outstanding engineers, of course! Ours have been hard at work developing an incredibly efficient backend storage system. This storage system gives you the option to never delete another email! Unless, of course, you want to. The purpose of unlimited mail isn’t to provide an online storage warehouse. Usage that suggests this approach gets flagged by our anti-abuse measures. In order for our system to work efficiently, our abuse control systems may limit the number of emails you may send or receive when it appears your usage is excessive. These abuse control systems may also impact the rate of growth of your account and you may need to create new folders or move some emails to other folders, if you are experiencing response issues.
How will you prevent abuse?
Yahoo! employs a variety of anti-abuse methods. If our anti-abuse system detects potential abuse we may take action. These anti-abuse controls enable us to better identify users who are not using the service appropriately under the Terms. Our goal is to ensure that everyone benefits from unlimited storage!
So, I'm pretty sure they have something like M$ has. If you receive too many and too big e-mails you'll receive an e-mail from Yahoo like this:

From: Yahoo's Outstanding Engineers :)
Subject: Storage full
Message: Please tell your friends to slow the fuck down, We bought all harddrives we could find. Please hold them off a day or 2. We're just going to fly to the factory and get some cargo flight with some more, install them, and after that, you can continue your messaging as usual. :)

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