Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS beta 2

Unfortunately, Ubuntu still has to fix some of the bugs people have until the final release gets out by the end of this month. I'm testing it on my Asus EEE PC 1008HA...and I have the following annoying bugs:

- after login, when my desktop appears, indicator applet icons and notification area icons get messed up. It all sorts out after a log out, log in.
- eeepc_laptop module is not loadable, ...the error is "no such device"..still hoping it will work soon because I miss my hotkeys functionality. There was this "fix" available on the net, but unfortunately, makes your ethernet card unusable.
- empathy should have a default window size for every chat that should be setup in gconf, or at least should remember the chat window size settings for specific users. Unfortunately, it doesn't, any of them. Hopefully, at least the remembering will be done by the final release of 10.04 LTS.
- this is something related to rhythmbox "IM status" plugin. Although it sets the correct status when the song is changing, sometimes the status empathy shows in the dropdown list is stuck.
- and 1 more for empathy. Sometimes, using the default Ambiance theme, the status bar in empathy just disappears, and the workaround I found is to go to Preferences > Appearance and change to another theme, and back to Ambiance theme. Status dropdown list appears automagically. :P This shit happened to 9.10 as well, and I discovered this workaround back then.
- and the last one,..there's a huge space between icons in indicator applet, and it annoying in my 1024x600 screen. They can have some custom gconf setting for that, or they can make the distance smaller by default.
- I was just joking, this is the last one. :) I guess there's something wrong with the Intel graphics drivers. Because in 9.10 I had no problems running Compiz, but in 10.04, there is a flickering line in windows while moving them, and I don't know for sure why.

And a good thing I've noticed about 10.04 LTS beta 2. Wireless drivers. They're excellent. In 9.10 I always used the tutorial I had in my blog to update drivers every single kernel upgrade I was doing. But this time, wireless drivers work well out of the box, so there's no more need in compiling new ones.

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