Thursday, May 13, 2010

Google Apps and Aviary

I wanted to start testing Google Apps, of course, the free version. I don't need Google Video, 99.9% SLA and other crap that the premier edition is offering. Anyway, even if I was a company, I think I'd really need only the free standard version, but with a specific SLA and some security enhancements like the enforced SSL and single sign-on. After checking the features of all google apps editions, I've started looking for some free cool apps on their google apps marketplace to enhance the google apps experience. And of course, I was looking for the free ones. This is how I got to Aviary. And no, it's not about that aviary flu...Aviary is a website that lets you edit multimedia on the fly, ...and on the web. I really don't find the FAQ about storage, but it should probably me almost unlimited. So, Aviary has:

  • image editor
  • effects editor
  • color editor
  • vector editor
  • audio editor
  • image markup
So far, I've been playing with the image editor, and audio editor. And they're pretty cool, considering they're free, you can do everything online, and of course, access everything through an internet connected computer, and, it integrates perfectly with Google Apps. And, after I created my account on Aviary website, there is this "dashboard" where you can see what others have created, and I've looked through some of the's just ..WOOOW...I mean, some people really got skills. Don't expect Photoshop or Soundbooth, because you'll be disappointed, but if you need some simple multimedia editing, and of course the Google Apps integration, Aviary is the right (and FREE) choice.

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