Monday, September 13, 2010

running out of space in VirtualBox

So, I have this Windows 2008 Server Standard on a VB virtual machine. I've initially allocated 512MB ram and 20GB of hard disk, considering it will be enough for my test of IBM SiteProtector, the Express installation of it. Unfortunately, it isn't. And I have a lot of warnings in SP Console about disk space. So, I needed to enlarge my ..hard drive in order to get rid of those warnings, and I found this solution:

1. Create a new disk from Virtual Media Manager > Hard Disks - in my case, I've created a new, 30GB large one.
2. Download System Rescue CD from here. It's a Linux distro with XFCE window manager, and the software you need - GParted (an open source Partition Magic :P )
3. Start your virtual machine with both disks ( in my case, the 20GB and 30GB disks ) and mount System Rescue CD as a CDROM in your VM with the option to boot from it first.
4. When it boots, select "SystemRescueCD: default boot options" - this will get your live CD up and running.
5. type "startx" on the prompt to start the window manager.
6. type "gparted" to start working on partitions.
7. right-click /dev/sda1 (my windows partition) and click "copy"
8. select /dev/sdb from the disk select list in top right corner
9. right-click the disk and select "paste", it will ask you to create an empty partition table.
10. drag the slider to the max size of your sdb disk; then click apply.
11. wait...more or less, depending on disk size...
12. right-click newly /dev/sdb1 > Manage Flags > check "Boot" and then OK.
13. power off virtual machine, remove CD, remove original drive, and then start the virtual machine with the newly created disk.

This just worked for me..5 minutes ago.. :)

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