Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 bugs with Linux Mint 10 on MSI laptop (and probably Ubuntu 10.10)

1. ath5k phy0: gain calibration timeout
NetworkManager shows wireless as disconnected and doesn't search/find for wlans. To fix this, you just have to completely shutdown the laptop and then power on (reboot doesn't seem to do the trick)

2. Laptop battery critically low. Computer will hibernate very soon unless it is plugged in.
When the power cord is disconnected, a popup appears with this message, no matter how full the battery is. That's why some fucked up batteries, BIOSes when you disconnect the power cord, they mistakenly show -  0:04 remaining (92%) - in the popup from the power manager. So it actually thinks it only has 4 minutes left, and wants to hibernate, although you still have 92% of battery left. So to avoid this crap, go to gconf-editor > apps > gnome-power-manager > general and uncheck "use_time_for_policy". So, next time you disconnect the power cord, it will use percentage to calculate if it's time to suspend or hibernate.


  1. Re: 1., maybe the post below will help, It helped me with me MSI laptop.
    Re: 2., I get the message whenever I unplug the power cord, but I just click the "X" in the upper corner to close in & it's never hibernated on me. As far as the gnome power manager, don't know if Julia's "Power Management" app is the same, but I don't have an option called "use_time_for_policy." The message is annoying, but it seems harmless in my case.

  2. Whoops, sorry. I didn't give the link for the post regarding #1. Here it is.

  3. Thanks for #1, I will try it out next time it happens.
    So, for the "use_time_for_policy" you just have to press "Alt+F2" and then enter "gconf-editor" and then "Run". It's something like M$ Windows registry and there you can find the option I mentioned.